Closing Center

The Closing Process. What you can do to help us:

  1. The Closing Questionnaire:
    Fill out the enclosed "Loan Closing Questionnaire" completely. This information is crucial to providing our best service to you. Our secure forms online can be found here.

  2. To Close Faster!
    Once you have completed our secure online forms, we will send you you the logon information and password to our Web-Based Closing Program.

  3. Insurance Binder:
    Contact your homeowner's insurance company and let them know you are refinancing your home or purchasing a new home. Bring the original binder to your closing. Please also note, that if your Lender has required the proof of payment (Paid Receipt) for your homeowner's insurance, bring that to the closing also. (By providing us with the completed Closing Questionnaire we can request your insurance binder on your behalf.)
  4. Copy of your tax bill:
    Send a copy of your most recent tax bill if you have it. Kindly fax it to 781-890-4472.
  5. Scheduling the closing:
    A representative from our firm will contact you to schedule your closing. The loan can be closed in anyone of our three locations. We will try to accommodate the location you indicated on the Closing Questionnaire.
  6. At the Closing:
    One of the attorneys from our firm will be closing your loan. If all of your questions have not been answered by that time be sure to ask the attorney at the closing. There will be numerous documents that must be signed at the request of your Lender. All of these documents will be explained to you.

Working together we can complete your transaction without any needless anxiety. We look forward to working with you.