Loan Default Services

Loan Default Services: Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Eviction and REO

Topkins & Bevans provides its clients with a complete array of Default Services.

While it seems that the rules governing Loan Default Services change by the minute, we will keep you up-to-date with all the changes as they are made and explain to you how they will effect you and your assets. We will ensure that complete compliance is adhered to at all times while still recovering your asset as soon as possible.

We can initiate our representation of you at any point in the process. We can commence your action by sending out default letters in compliance with state law, or enter the process at any another point, working with the notices you have provided. We are then able to complete the foreclosure for you.

If a bankruptcy is filed by your debtor, we will work with you to attain the best result possible for you. We can file Proofs of Claim and Motions for Relief from the Automatic Stay or litigate the most complex bankruptcy issues you will encounter. If an eviction is needed we will recover the possession of your asset as quickly as possible. We realize that any delay costs you money. Finally we can assist you in the sale of your asset. Working with your representatives, we will insure that your are able to convey the property to your buyer. In these times of constant change in the default arena we take all steps necessary to allow you to sell your asset on time without delay so you can achieve your greatest return.